• I am a big believer in reading.For a small fee I can learn from the mistakes and/or the experiences of others. A small investment with a big reward.
  • 2019
    So far:
    The Tokens-Greg S Reid
    Nutrient Power – William J. Walsh
    This is Marketing-Seth Goden
    Stess Less, Accomplish more – Emily Fletcher
    Moonshots-Naveen Jain
    Can’t hurt me-David Goggins!!!
    Think and Grow Rich Stickability-Greg S. Reid
    Three Feet from Gold- Greg S. Reid
    Minfulness-Danny Penman
    It doesn’t have to be crazy at work- Jason Fried
    The Gospel according to Luke-Steve Lukather
    Atomic Habits-James Clear
    Living with a Monk-Jesse Itzler- Great read! (listen)

  • So far, in 2018, I have read or am reading(need to finish this list):

Make your bed-William H. McRaven
Uncontainable-Kip Tindell
Shoedog – Phil Knight
WTF – Brian Scudmore
Sleep Smarter- Shawn Stevenson
The end of Alzheimers-Dale E. Bredese

-Wealth Can’t wait by David Osborn- currently reading (listening to)- I watched a short lesson from him on The Self Made man website that I am a member of. He really made a lot of sense to me, so I ordered his book. So far, great book.4/2/18
-A million miles in a thousand years by Donald Miller currently reading. This was given to me by a friend. I am enjoying it so far….4/2/18
-Powerful by Patty McCord- currently listening to- She was HR at Netflix from the beginning of the company. Very interesting way of running HR. Netflix has an unlimited vacation policy and other interesting things like that. So far so good on this book. 4/2/18
-The road less stupid by Keith Cunningham great so far.Still reading. Since this wasn’t available on audio, it will take me longer to get through. Very relevant to things I am going through at work. 4/2/18
-Permission to screw up by Kristen Hadeed- just finished. Great read by an entrepreneur who learned by doing and by messing up. Pretty funny at times. Liked it. Gave it to my daughter who is starting her own business and she loved it. 4/2/18
-The success principles by Jack Canfield- currently reading- this is a long one but years and years of lessons here.  I listen to a short amount of this one almost every night. 4/2/18
-Your best year ever by Michael Hyatt Probably good to read this every year. Thought provoking and challenging..I need that. 3/15/18
Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success Jay Carty and John Wooden. Love John Wooden and these are great principles to think about and do your best to follow.
-Discipline equals Freedon by Jocko Willink Great read, motivating, may lead to weight lifting, my second read on this one already! Quick easy read. a lot of rough around the edges wisdom in this one. 3/1/18
-Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss- actually been reading this since it came out last year. It is a great resource book, done in an interview type of question and answer format. This is a book with some “real life tested” principles and advice from very successful people in many areas of life. (chipping away at this one, only available in book form so it takes me a while) 3/1/18
-The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg I re-read this so I could discuss at work with some co-workers. i read this a year or two ago. Very informational and interesting.
-Finding Ultra by Rich Roll book about life struggles and success through change and extreme physical challenges (ultra triathalons)I gave away 4 or 5 of these, thought it was great and the author rides bike on the same roads as I do.
-Head Strong by Dave Asprey great read about how to live long and use some hacks to achieve it. Learning a lot from this guy.
-Touch the top of the world by Erik Weihenmayer exciting true story by a guy who climbed mount Everest and he’s blind!!Inspiring-
-High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard Great book, I am starting to read again and will go through all the steps as I know there will be results and definitely worth the time

Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris
-crazy good resource book- this one is only available in hardback so I am reading a few pages every morning. This is probably best since there is a lot of information to absorb and put to use. I    am 200 pages in and it is 600 pages. 5/15/17 Now done and reading again and testing out some of the ideas in there.  Very highly recommend this one.
2/2017 “Laws for doing the impossible” Patrick BetDavid
Quick read and worth it. Give it a try. I really like this guy and what he is all about. Check him out if you can. He is all over You Tube.
3/2017 Good to great by Jim Collins- classic, must read, I had read this once or twice before, probably need to read again 
4/2017″Millionaire success habits” Dean Graziosi- very good
I had heard about Dean but wasn’t sure if I would be into his books. Then I heard him interviewed on a podcast and really liked him and his mindset/philosophy, so I decided to read it.
Really good book. Recommend it
5/2017 “Real Life MBA” by Jack Welch Great book by a legend.And his wife.
6/2017 “The $100 startup” by Chris Guillebeau
Good read, lot of interesting ideas by a very interesting person.
You are a badass” by Jen Sincero
Probably meant for women but I liked the title and had to listen to it. Good book, inspirational. Worth the read.
6/2017 “#ask Gary Vee
A question and answer book by Gary Vaynerchuk based on his podcast. A lot of ad-lib things on the audio version of this. Once this guy gets going, it is a lot of fun to listen to him. He has a lot of good information and strong opinions to pass on. I recommend it.
7/2017 “Living forward” by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Hakavy
Great read to make sure you are on the right path in your life. Recommend.
8/2017 “The Big idea” Donny Deutsch Great book. Recommend
“Intentional Living” John Maxwell A good read, he has many books and I have read a good amount of them. Recommend
9/2017 “The Slight Edge“,by Jeff Olson. great book with a simple message. Do the little things everyday, keep doing them each day and they will make a difference in your life. A quote in the book was ” It is easy to do and easy not to do” Referring to the daily decisions that we all have to make each day. This could be as simple as getting up on the first ring of the alarm clock. Easy to d, easy not to do. Saving a little money from each time you are paid, easy to do, easy not to do. Saying no to the french fries, easy to do easy not to do. All these things are easy to do or not to do each day but a year or two or three down the road, those easy choices add up. They add up to good work ethic, good health and a good amount of money. Easy choices made everyday make big differences in your life.
“QBQ” The question behind the question. A short simple read but important. Mostly about personal responsibility. Take the little amount of time it will take and read it. I have read it before and it was a good reminder to hear it again.
10/2017 “The One Thing” Jay Papasan, Gary Keller this is easy but tough to do. really good
Principles” Ray Dalio A lot of great info, long but worth it.
11/2017 “Discipline equals Freedom” Jocko Willink Great Book, love his mindset. Great exercises towards the end of book.
Relentless” by Tim Grover Another great coah, but pretty intense guy. Loved it though.
12/2017 “Memory Rescue” Daniel Amen excellent resource for healthy eating and living. My grandmother had Alzheimers, so I my ears perk up when I hear about a book to help reduce the odds of getting it. There is a ton of info in here and it goes on and on but it’s definitely worth the time to read it.
The Keto Reset Diet” Mark Sisson I was already on a restricted diet based on Lectins, decided to step it up to a Keto diet, pretty interesting stuff. Worth the read.
-Love Does by Bob Goff great read, this was given to me by a friends wife. I ended up giving away 6 or 7 copies already.