A bit of my work and business history


Class Act Home Services-owner

Los Angeles, Ca

Painting, Remodeling and whatever the housewife wanted done business. Hired a rotating group of starving musicians to help me.

Drummers Only Drum Studio- owner

North Hollywood, CA

Started this when I was broke and had no place to play my drums. I leased a building, renovated it and put in 4 small rooms to rent by the hour. This was a lot of work, so changed to 24 hour monthly lockout and leased a 2nd building with about 10 rooms. Renovated that one as well. I ran it until about 1991 when I hired a drummer to run it. After 5 more years I had another business going, bought a house and figured I better shut it down since I did all the renovations, including electrical without permits….successfully closed down and fortunately all ended well. I sure wish I had the money or smarts back then to buy these buildings…but I didn’t so on to the next venture.

Production Screw Products-owner
January 1990 – November 2003 (13 years 11 months)Palmdale, Ca

Machine shop owner with 10 employees. Machines included screw machines, CNC mills, Lathes and numerous support equipment. I purchased a small one man shop from my great-uncle in 1990. He trained me for 8 months, then I was on my own. Drum Workshop was already a customer along with several other companies. Most business was commercial, inlcuding automotive parts, clutches, transmissions. We also made parts for the hobby boat and airplane industry. Over the years, DW became our largest customer. I started designing products for DW and eventually they bought my company and hired me.
Company was sold to Drum Workshop in 2003.
1994-present Real Estate investor. I hold single family homes and duplexes in CA and MO. Occasionally will fix one up to flip. But mostly buy and hold.
2003-2017 Director R+D for DW Drums (and affiliated brands)
2017 to present, VP Product Development DW Drums (and affiliated brands)

In 2003,Drum Workshop-Oxnard, CA bought my machine shop, hired me and brought on 8 of my employees. We set up a machine shop in their facility and started producing the high end pedals and various hardware components. I had already been doing design work and problem solving solutions for them for several years. This led to me doing more and more design work as well as helping run the entire production of drums and hardware for many years.
I also enjoyed running a Leadership Class that the supervisors who worked for me attended bi-weekly. This class layed out the foundation of how I ran production and showed the important relationship between work life and home life.
In mid 2015, I handed over the operations part of my job and started spending all of my time designing products.
I had attained 2 patents prior to working for DW and many more after working with them full time.
One of my designs was the DW MFG pedals, including the Machined Direct drive pedals, the MDD hi hat and now the MCD chain drive pedals. go to www.dwdrums.com/hardware/dwmfg/
I’ll add in my patent list on another page.

2018-Present- My wife and I purchased “Gentle Grooming” in Newbury Park CA. My wife runs the day to day and I take care of books, repairs, etc.