Here are some of my favorite podcasts, all pertaining to Leadership/ Business/ Self Improvement
2019- still listen to most listed below and added a few:
Ed Mylett -Maxx out
Occasionally-The Brendon Show
Tribe of Mentors
Young Entreprenuer Lifestyle
Current line up of regularly listened to podcasts are:
Bulletproof Radio
48 days
The Real Brad Lea
Self made man
Craig Groeschell Leadership Podcast
Tim Ferriss
All of these have huge value to me. I move between them depending on what I am facing in life that particular day.

Occasionally I will listen to these, also really good, but there is only so much time in a day…
Masters of Scale
Order of Man
The one thing
Tribe of mentors


Gary Vaynerchuk- The Gary Vee Audio Experience- prolific podcast guy…adds a lot of content. Business marketing and some life stuff as well

Andy Stanley-Leadership Podcast-monthly or so..good stuff

Self made man-Mike Dillard- great stuff- new episodes weekly- interviews guests.

Craig Groeschell Leadership Podcast- once a month but great!! Business leadership. This guy runs 20 some churches and runs them like a business. Love his leadership style.

The Tim Ferris Show- improving yourself in many areas: fitness, business, meditation, learning from anyone he can and passing along the best most efficient ways to succeed in all areas of life. Weekly + episodes.

48 Days to the work you love. Dan Miller..something about this guys down to earth approach that I like. Weekly.

Entreleadership podcast- weekly..Dave Ramsey started this and it is great. Run by Ken Coleman, some great stuff here.

Latest and Greatest:
9/2017 MFCEO, harsh words but all lead to some real meaning and lessons from someone who has built a business from scratch. Worth listening to. Give it a few to warm up to the intense language.
Order of Man- good stuff here, check it out.
Masters of Scale.Reid Hoffman does this almost like a tv show. Really well done and great guests. A lot of work goes into these.
Freedom Fast Lane.With Ryan Daniel Moran..good business sense, real life issues, examples and discussions mostly based around small business.
School of Greatness:I have liked all of his podcasts except one…that says a lot because I have listened to over 100 of them. He does a great job interviewing and really has a good heart. I was able to see him in Dallas earlier this year. Great stuff…