Do something now

I have to take small steps towards change and improvement. How small? It doesn’t matter. I found that for me even a few minutes a day, done each day can make a big difference.
No big plan, no buying anything, no going somewhere, just something simple. Several years ago I wanted to add weight lifting to my daily routine. So I thought,man, I have to buy weights, and a bench and everything else that goes with it. Maybe a machine…then I thought, no, I’m going to start doing push ups each day. My goal was to do my age, so I was about 40 or so at the time, so I worked until I could do 40. I also added sit up crunches, same thing get up to my age in those. I set the time at 10 minutes each day and then worked until I could hit those numbers easily.
Fast forward a bunch of years, I can do way more than my age in both of those, I also added the dumb bells and the machine and the pull up bar,but only as I progressed and made sure I would use them. I go way more than 10 minutes because I love the feeling of doing this. I have learned to love it.
So I start simple with everything I do, then add to it.
But bottom line is start something now, before you know it, you ‘ll be good at it. And don’t over plan and plan yourself right out of it before you start.

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