November 2019

Thanks for checking out my website! I finished my bike ride down the coast with the Arthritis Foundation, a huge success. Thanks to everyone who donated and/or cheered me on, I do appreciate it.
I just finished the Nosco ride. This yearly event raises money for local families who are struggling because of a health crisis. It is really worthwhile and challenging as well. The ride is 80 miles with 8000 feet of climbing. For some reason, this ride never gets easier and this year was no exception. I think it’s the first climb (Deer Creek) that wears me down a bit at the beginning…or it might be that I try to stay up with some really good riders on the way to the climb…You can go here for more info:
I also rode in Phils Fondo and advertised (via a kit I was given) for my friends CBD oil products company Hello Blue.  The ride is put on by Phil Gaimon, a pro rider, it is basically the Nosco route backwards…here is the address for more info: And here is the website for my friends CBD company..good stuff! This was tough but I felt pretty good at the end of it.

Now I go to maintenance mode for the winter months…unless I change it up, which I am considering. Anyway, I usually back down the riding a little and up the running and weight lifting some for the winter months.

Down the Coast

I had the chance to ride my bike down the coast last month, taking 8 days to go 525 miles. This was a charity event and also a challenge for me personally. While I ride a lot, this many miles in 8 days took some work to prepare for. All turned out well, including the riding, the weather, the fundraising and my ability to still walk after day 8. I met a lot of great people along the way and have memories I will never forget.
This challenge was worthwhile for many reasons. I set a goal, and reached it, and of course that feels great. Many times in life I have realized that I am just going through the motions to earn money and get through another project at work. While these are necessary and at times challenging and beneficial, it takes a physical and mental challenge, that has real uncertainty to the outcome to really feel alive. If it is too easy to achieve and takes no special effort, it doesn’t seem to give me that inner drive (and peace) that I find important. There were moments on the ride where I really took a moment to absorb where I was and what I was experiencing. This included riding on the coast with no one around and incredible views of the ocean and the sun and some wildlife. It also included moments with friends flying down roads in the middle of nowhere feeling very free with no concerns of my regular day to day life troubles. It was times at the campgrounds hanging out with friends and the solitude of tent camping with no cell service in Big Sur. It was great meeting a lady who was riding from Canada to Mexico all by herself. This made me think of doing something similar…what would that be like? What should my next challenge be? I will ponder this question and set up something for next year to continue pushing myself forward, to free up my mind and at the same time try to have it benefit others.

2 things

Meditation and a daily journal are two things I started this year.
After numerous attempts to do these 2 things, I am finally starting to get in a routine and feel like they are becoming a habit.
Maybe the success is coming from only picking 2 things. I started in January this year.
Now that they are kind of locked in, I am adding another “good habit”, this one is a once a week bike ride to and from work. It’s about 46 miles round trip, so far 2 weeks in a row. Once I am at work, I am glad I rode in. At the end of the day, I have no option but to get on the bike and ride the 1 hour and 45 minutes home. The trick is getting everything ready the night before, so I have no excuse the morning of the ride. Also I found out that it’s not a good idea to be running late if you are on a bike…the legs can get pretty sore.
I recently started listening to Jesse Itzler and signed up for his 6 week BYLR program. He says to add 1 new good habit a month for 12 months. So I am on my way….3 down, or at least 3 going. It is the 4th month of the year, so I will work on my next one this next week. I will post about it later.

Everybody has a story

The homeless guy I see everyday on my way to and from work, whom I sometimes give money to has been talking to me more and more. A few days ago, he told me he bought a truck, got a job and is engaged. He had picture’s to back it up. Being a former machine shop owner, I was able to question him when he said he was working at a machine shop…based on his answers, and the pictures he showed me, he probably is.
He went on to tell me that he decided to be a “homeless bum” a few years ago after a divorce. He always seemed pretty intelligent and well spoken but I didn’t know he ended up on the streets by choice. I figured most homeless got there usually through some mental breakdown and/or drug abuse. Seems like most end up spiraling down and eventually something bad happens (health-wise) and they get into trouble then they disappear….not really sure where they go. But I assume it is not good.
It was surprising to hear all of the positives that this guy was telling me. He said “sounds like a Cinderella story, doesn’t it?”.
I hope it is true and maybe he becomes successful, maybe he can write and help others reverse their situation.
Next time I see a homeless person, I won’t assume that they will never get out and back to a productive life. I will remember that everyone has a story and hopefully their story isn’t over yet.


Morning routines seem to be something I have been hearing a lot about lately. Fortunately for me I think I have mine down pretty good now, although it has taken some serious time to get it where I like it. I like the routines that I have set in place and can see the benefit.

But night time routines are not talked about as much. Occasionally I will read something about sleep and the importance of a night time routine. So now I will work on my night time routine.

The goal I believe is to systematically slow down and relax so a good night sleep can be had.

I will start an hour ahead of bedtime by taking care of the usual items such as brushing teeth, etc. From there I will read or listen to a good book. Then……hopefully I won’t remember the next and just wake in the morning refreshed. If I figure out the night time routine that works, I will write about it.

Another year

So when another year gets added to my age, it makes me stop and think. Sometimes I get down, but other times I get happy and thankful. I was wondering, what causes this? So here are some of my  thoughts  that go through my head:

-I am running out of time, am I doing what I should do? -I have plenty of time, look around, there are plenty of people way older than me still out there. I have read about many older adults who have done very successful and meaningful things late in their life.

-Have I really accomplished anything with my life? -well I have kids, a wife, does that count? I think I have helped some people along the way as well.

Interesting how a number can really make you stop and think. I believe it is the finite number that attributes to this. I am setting my number at 150 so I am only about 1/3 of the way….that helps





I often say that we each carry a bag with us (picture a briefcase or backpack). Occasionally we have to reach in there and pull out something. This something could be good news or bad news, easy or hard, we never know and usually don’t have any control over what it will be. These things we pull out and have to deal with usually teach us something when all is said and done but getting to the lesson can be a rough road.

Be patient, understanding and realize that somewhere in the pain or happiness is a lesson looking for a student to teach it to. Be the student and realize that there is always something to learn in every experience, good or bad.


new year?

Why does it take a new year for us to want to set goals? I am going to start using new months, new weeks and new days to do that. Sure the new year is impressive and comes with a big holiday and a lot of fanfare but why wait? I think December 1st is going to be my next goal launching day. Then maybe the 3rd week of December, how about the 26th or 27th? Those days need some attention and usually there are some days off around Christmas, which gives extra time for goal setting. No matter what time of the year, I think it is important to keep setting goals and continuing to improve all year long. This year I won’t wait until Jan 1 to launch them.


look here, but also look up there

While driving the other day, I noticed that a lot of people seem to be real concerned about getting around the person in front of them. But in many cases they would go into a lane that before they realized it was backed up only a short distance ahead. This usually traps them in and I drive on by. So they would have to slow way down and end up falling in behind the car they were behind before….so they wasted time, effort and may have put them in a bit more of a dangerous area.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to look ahead a bit and see where that lane ends up, before moving into it? I try to look at life this way as well…look ahead a bit and see what a quick decision may lead to…is it worth the effort to do this, or will I just get stuck and end up further back anyway?

Look where you are but also look where you may go if you make a change. Change is good, but considering the options and the ramifications first usually helps.

invent anything

I have been asked several times about how I come up with ideas for a product. So I will go through what works for me. I don’t have any magic formula or think that I am very smart but I do know I am persistent. So my best advice may be to just be persistent. But that is too simple, right? Ok, well here is what else I do. I fix a problem. But how do I get ideas for problems? And what kind of problem? Well….
#1. Start, that is, start with something, anything. Get going, make the most simple form of whatever you are trying to create. By doing this, you will then have something to work from. Imagine that you want to fix a problem with a car. Well I might start with a block of wood and screw buttons on as tires on it. You now have a car, then you can add or subtract something, anything to get it to change or improve. Add some shape, cut off some of the corners of the block, add a scoop on the back angle the front, put a frame around the door, etc…keep going from there.
#2. Try some really dumb things on it, put the driver in the back with cameras only. Add a bed compartment. See if something starts to look cool. Add more or take away something.
#3 Try different sizes. Do all tires need to be the same diameter? What can the tires be made out of? Etc..keep adding and subtracting.
#4 Let it sit, stare at it for days weeks or months and see if anything else comes to mind.
#5 Take all you have on the first one that you like and start another prototype. You are now starting at a higher level. Now add, subtract, make things larger, smaller, more curves, less curves, etc.
#6 Repeat and eventually you will have something cool.
#7. If you want to add something new mechanically, try it…then figure out how to do it later. For instance, you want the door to open when you touch the back left fender. Pretend its there or put a button there, then if you like the way it looks and want to keep it, figure out how to get it to work. If you don’t like that feature move on to another crazy idea.
#8 If I think this could be a cool project or product or design, I will usually set up some parameters…Maybe by making this car, I found the problem: I thought about my grandmother who couldn’t get in and out of the passenger seat too easily. I could help her, but if my mom took her out, it was always a struggle. So I am going to find a way that my grandmother can get in and out of car easily by herself.
Parameters for the project:
Project: Car with seat that is easy to get in and out of.
It must be safe, sturdy and dependable.
It can’t be more than $…….
It needs to be compatible with most cars (maybe all 4 door cars, or all Honda accords and buicks or?)
It needs to be easy to operate and easy to install.

After having these parameters, start…mock up a seat, either a drawing or a model made out of whatever, even cardboard…just start. Make it look like you would like to see it in a car, round the edges, make it bigger, smaller , don’t worry about too much other than start and then gradually change things…eventually you will get something.
If this something is good keep going, if it is stupid, ugly or you decide to hold for a while, start the next project. Come back to this and eventually you will have something.
I haven’t mentioned the internet, but at some point I may google seats , but not car seats, I would google hospital or dr seats. I would look at any industry where seats and safety and comfort are needed and see what is out there. Maybe part of something you see will inspire you to head in a different direction. Go there but make it your own add your own changes additions and subtractions.If you can draw using a CAD system, that is very helpful, if not, once you have the basic idea, work with a CAD designer and have it drawn up.
Keep doing this, do it with many different projects, don’t fall in love with one to the point of never completing it. Get it done, then improve the next prototype, maybe have some 3d printed parts made or have some machined if you are getting serious. like most things, you will get frustrated and think it is dumb or ugly, but keep chipping away and eventually you will have something worth showing others and you will end up with a product if you are persistent….did I say persistence…persistence…yes that is the key.