Trial and Error, write it down

I use to live by the trial and error method. Not sure if I recommend this but it had served me pretty well over the years. A bit painful at times but ultimately things would work out.

But now I prefer to learn by example, of others mistakes that they learned from in the past. This is mostly done by reading or listening to people talk about what they have gone through and listen to the lessons that they learned. It is amazing what is available to us by simply buying a book. Or getting one from the library. There are biography’s out there by people who are no longer with us, but their lessons learned are still being taught.  This newer practice of mine is so valuable,  I almost feel like I am cheating the system a bit when I look at the price I pay for this information.

I think that we could all write a book that would help others. We should at least write something for our own kids, or friends.

I don’t remember getting a lot of “sit-down and listen” type of advice from my parents. Sure they were great and lived in a way as to show us how to live, rather than tell us. They continue to live this way even now. But what did they learn from their parents? Or their friends? I am not sure. I bet they told me many things, so I must have forgot. Maybe I can get them to write some of these things down? Since they are way ahead of me on the road of life, I can still learn many things from them. I will send them a binder, full of paper and a couple of pens…maybe a few starter questions to get them going. Crazy idea, but wow would that be valuable. I will seriously consider this in the next few weeks.

As for me, I talked myself into keeping a journal. I will start today.

My first entry will read:

“Today I decided that I will keep a journal so I can pass along some of the things I have learned in my life.”  Maybe one of these lessons will help someone in their life.



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