Money for food

I was exiting the freeway a few weeks ago and a homeless man was holding a sign that read “I need money for food and travel”. I felt generous and a bit uncomfortable as I was stopped at a light with him staring right at me. So I waived him over. I then realized I had a pocket full of 20’s, but no one’s or five’s, oops, oh well I already committed, so I folded up a 20 and handed it to him. I asked him his name, “Richie” he said. My name is Rich and my son is Richie, so that was interesting I thought. He said thanks and I asked where he was going. He said back to Florida. Then I wished him luck and took off. Then as I pulled off, I heard a really loud yell “THANK YOU!!” I guess he saw it was a 20….not a lot of money but probably more than his usual 2 or 3 dollar take.
I felt so good it is hard to say who really was the recipient of the good deed, him or I. I think I was, although that was not my intention.
Hopefully Richie will end up safely in Florida and just maybe, by me asking him his name and giving him a little money helped him as much as it helped me that day.

When I am down and not feeling happy, I now try to change my focus from me to someone else. I have found that when my focus is helping others, I always end up helping myself.

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    Thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the story. The best way to communicate is on here for now. thanks again,


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