Simple Gesture

This is a re-post from last year, but I thought it was worth repeating:
Why hello matters
On average,1 person every 9 days jumps from the Golden Gate Bridge to end their life. Several years ago, a person was on their way to do just this. He walked from his apartment to the bridge and jumped to his demise. When the police found a note in his apartment, it said something to the effect of ‘I am walking to the bridge to jump off,as no one cares about me. If anyone says hi or asks how I am, I won’t jump, because I’ll know that someone cares about me”.
Even though this way of thinking may not make sense to most,that is how he felt. Such a simple gesture of saying hello or asking someone how they are doing, just may mean everything to them…give it a just never what effect you will have on someone’s day, or even on their life.

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