Another year

So when another year gets added to my age, it makes me stop and think. Sometimes I get down, but other times I get happy and thankful. I was wondering, what causes this? So here are some of my  thoughts  that go through my head:

-I am running out of time, am I doing what I should do? -I have plenty of time, look around, there are plenty of people way older than me still out there. I have read about many older adults who have done very successful and meaningful things late in their life.

-Have I really accomplished anything with my life? -well I have kids, a wife, does that count? I think I have helped some people along the way as well.

Interesting how a number can really make you stop and think. I believe it is the finite number that attributes to this. I am setting my number at 150 so I am only about 1/3 of the way….that helps



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