Morning routines seem to be something I have been hearing a lot about lately. Fortunately for me I think I have mine down pretty good now, although it has taken some serious time to get it where I like it. I like the routines that I have set in place and can see the benefit.

But night time routines are not talked about as much. Occasionally I will read something about sleep and the importance of a night time routine. So now I will work on my night time routine.

The goal I believe is to systematically slow down and relax so a good night sleep can be had.

I will start an hour ahead of bedtime by taking care of the usual items such as brushing teeth, etc. From there I will read or listen to a good book. Then……hopefully I won’t remember the next and just wake in the morning refreshed. If I figure out the night time routine that works, I will write about it.

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