Everybody has a story

The homeless guy I see everyday on my way to and from work, whom I sometimes give money to has been talking to me more and more. A few days ago, he told me he bought a truck, got a job and is engaged. He had picture’s to back it up. Being a former machine shop owner, I was able to question him when he said he was working at a machine shop…based on his answers, and the pictures he showed me, he probably is.
He went on to tell me that he decided to be a “homeless bum” a few years ago after a divorce. He always seemed pretty intelligent and well spoken but I didn’t know he ended up on the streets by choice. I figured most homeless got there usually through some mental breakdown and/or drug abuse. Seems like most end up spiraling down and eventually something bad happens (health-wise) and they get into trouble then they disappear….not really sure where they go. But I assume it is not good.
It was surprising to hear all of the positives that this guy was telling me. He said “sounds like a Cinderella story, doesn’t it?”.
I hope it is true and maybe he becomes successful, maybe he can write and help others reverse their situation.
Next time I see a homeless person, I won’t assume that they will never get out and back to a productive life. I will remember that everyone has a story and hopefully their story isn’t over yet.

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